Unlocking the Secrets of Best Macos Games 2018

Hey there! As a Mac user and avid gamer, I’ve always been on the lookout for the best games to play on my macOS.

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That’s why I’m excited to share with you the secrets of the best macOS games in 2018.

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In this article, we’ll explore the thriving Mac gaming scene, highlight top-rated games, uncover must-try indie titles, and reveal hidden gems that might have flown under your radar.

Get ready to optimize your gaming performance and discover amazing experiences on your Mac!

Overview of the Mac Gaming Scene in 2018

The Mac gaming scene in 2018 is thriving with a wide variety of exciting games to choose from. As someone who desires control over my gaming experience, I was thrilled to discover the upcoming Mac game releases for this year.

Despite the challenges of gaming on macOS, such as limited compatibility and performance issues, developers are pushing boundaries to deliver high-quality games specifically designed for Mac users. With advancements in technology and support from Apple, the Mac gaming community is witnessing an increase in both indie and mainstream titles.

From action-packed adventures to immersive simulations, there is something for every gamer on the platform. Now let’s dive into the top-rated Mac games for 2018, where we explore the best options available for an unforgettable gaming experience.

Top-Rated Mac Games for 2018

Looking for top-rated Mac games for 2018? You’ll find a wide selection of options to choose from. From upcoming mac games to popular mac games, there is something for everyone on the macOS platform.

One highly anticipated release is ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider,’ which promises stunning visuals and immersive gameplay.

For strategy enthusiasts, ‘Civilization VI’ offers hours of strategic decision-making and world-building.

If you prefer action-packed adventures, ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ takes players on a thrilling journey through ancient Greece.

Racing fans can look forward to ‘Forza Horizon 4,’ featuring an open-world environment and dynamic seasons.

With so many choices available, Mac users have the power to control their gaming experiences in 2018.

Now let’s dive into the must-try indie games for Mac users without missing out on any exciting titles!

Must-Try Indie Games for Mac Users

Ready to discover some must-try indie games for your Mac? These hidden gems offer exciting multiplayer experiences and unique storytelling that will captivate any avid gamer.

Here are five indie games that you don’t want to miss:

  1. ‘Stardew Valley’: Embark on a farming adventure with friends, build relationships, and explore a charming pixelated world.
  2. ‘Undertale’: Immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey where choices matter, as you navigate through a world inhabited by monsters.
  3. ‘Firewatch’: Step into the shoes of a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness and uncover a gripping mystery while enjoying breathtaking visuals.
  4. ‘Oxenfree’: Dive into this supernatural thriller where your decisions shape the narrative, making each playthrough truly unique.
  5. ‘Overcooked! 2’: Team up with friends in this chaotic cooking game that will test your coordination and communication skills.

Now, let’s delve into the next section to uncover the hidden gems among the underrated Mac games of 2018…

Hidden Gems: Underrated Mac Games of 2018

Let’s explore some lesser-known Mac games of 2018 that are definitely worth checking out. When it comes to underrated Mac games, there are a few hidden gems that have flown under the radar but offer an amazing gaming experience.

One such game is ‘Hyper Light Drifter,’ a visually stunning action-adventure game with challenging combat and a mysterious storyline.

Another underrated gem is ‘Into the Breach,’ a turn-based strategy game where you control powerful mechs to defend humanity from giant monsters.

Lastly, ‘Return of the Obra Dinn’ is a unique puzzle game set on an abandoned ship where you must unravel the mysteries of its crew’s fate.

These underrated Mac games bring something fresh and exciting to the table, providing hours of immersive gameplay for those seeking new experiences.

Now, let’s delve into some tips and tricks for optimizing gaming performance on macOS…

Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Gaming Performance on Macos

To improve your gaming performance on macOS, you’ll want to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for the game you’re playing. Here are some tips and tricks to optimize your gameplay on Mac systems:

  • Increase graphics settings: Maximize visual quality by adjusting the in-game graphics settings. Turn up details like textures, shadows, and anti-aliasing for a more immersive experience.
  • Update drivers: Keep your GPU drivers up to date to ensure compatibility with the latest games and bug fixes.
  • Close unnecessary background applications: Free up system resources by closing any unnecessary apps running in the background.
  • Reduce screen resolution: Lowering the resolution can help boost FPS (frames per second) and improve overall performance.
  • Use a cooling pad: MacBooks can get hot during intense gaming sessions. Using a cooling pad can prevent overheating and maintain optimal performance.


In conclusion, the Mac gaming scene in 2018 has seen a remarkable range of games for users to enjoy. From top-rated titles to must-try indie games and hidden gems, there is something for every Mac user.

With the right tips and tricks for optimizing gaming performance on MacOS, players can enhance their experience even further.

So whether you are an avid gamer or new to the world of Mac gaming, this year has proven to be an exciting time with plenty of options to choose from.

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